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Marks Used In Correcting Copy

amb = Ambiguous.
and = A bad "and" sentence. Make two
sentences or subordinate one
ant = Antecedent not clear.
Cl = Not clear.
Cst = Construction faulty.
Coh = Coherence not good.
Con = Wrong connective.
Consult = Bring copy to instructor for
delta = Delete.
dull = Dull reading; put more life into
the story.
E = Error.
ed = Editorializing; too much personal
FW = "Fine writing."
Gr = Bad grammar.
K = Awkward; clumsily expressed.
ld = Poor lead; revise.
P = Punctuation wrong.
pt = Point of view shifted.
qt = Make this a direct quotation.
rep = Same word repeated too much.
rew = Rewrite.
sent = Use shorter sentences.
Sl = Slang.
Sp = Bad spelling.
SU = Sentence lacks unity.
T = Wrong tense.
unnec = Unnecessary details; omit some
of them.
tr = Transpose.
W = Wrong use of word.
? = Truth of statement questioned.
= Begin a new paragraph.
No = No needed.
= Indent.
parentheses] = Put the words together as one
# = Separate into two words.
[Upward slanting
equals sign] = Hyphen needed.

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